Reports to Council

The Affordable Housing Working Group (AHWG) reported to Bowen Island Municipality (BIM) Council at key points in its work:

2007 September 20: Consideration of Housing Corporation and new AHWG

Prior the formation of the AHWG, at this special meeting of the Committee of the Whole on the Strategic Plan Review, Council considered the recommendation from the Affordable Housing Strategy Committee of the Bowen Community Housing Association to establish a housing corporation and agreed on the need for further information and clarity. Informal discussions following this meeting led to Council’s agreement to consider the formation an AHWG.

  • BIM Committee of the Whole minutes

2007 December 3: Creation of AHWG

Council adopted the Terms of Reference for the AHWG, allocated the funds requested, and appointed the members of the Bowen Community Housing Association Affordable Housing Strategy Committee to serve as the members of the new AHWG.

2008 June 9: Affordable Housing Policy (inclusionary zoning)

Council adopted the draft Affordable Housing Policy presented by the AHWG, which requires that new development involving rezoning provide 15% of the gross floor area for non-market, price-restricted affordable housing units to be made available to qualified residents under a new program to be administered by BIM.

 2008 September 8: Guidelines for Affordable Housing for Purchase Program

Council approved the criteria for ownership for the non-market, price-restricted units that will be created under the new Affordable Housing Policy. The AHWG’s presentation included the guidelines for the process of creating the waitlist, the communications plan for launching the program, the housing covenants drafted to secure the affordable housing units, the AHWG report on completion of the first phase of its work plan, and a review of the objectives of the program. Council also authorized the AHWG to proceed to the second phase of its work plan.

2009 June 22: Housing Covenants and Housing Corporation

Council approved the housing covenants presented by the AHWG, to be placed on the title of  units produced through the Affordable Housing Policy. The approval was subject to the creation of the Bowen Island Housing Corporation, which Council endorsed in concept and requested a more detailed report on the concept. Council discussed the housing corporation further at its meeting on July 20 (minutes). The AHWG presentation included an organizational framework for the housing corporation, the communications strategy for the affordable housing units program and waitlist, and an update on its work.

 2009 December 7

Council received a briefing from the AHWG Council liaison and the CAO outlining a strategy for moving forward given that planning staff resources are not available for the preparation of the report on the housing corporation requested by Council. The AHWG will prepare a recommendations for Council for the formation of a founding board for the housing corporation, who will be given the task of finalizing a business plan, responding to Council request for further details on the corporation, and proceeding with the incorporation.

2012 February 27

Council accepted all of the recommendations in the final report of the AHWG, including the incorporation of the Bowen Island Housing Corporation (BIHC). The first action would be the recruitment of the founding directors for the new corporation, to incorporate the BIHC while proceeding with the other recommendations in the report, including:

  • Include affordable housing in Council’s strategic plan;
  • Direct staff to work with the founding directors of BIHC to identify a portion of the community lands in Snug Cove deemed suitable for the development of affordable housing, with direction to create a development proposal in partnership with the private sector; and
  • Create a Housing Reserve Fund as the repository for funds received under Affordable Housing Policy #08-03 when the project is too small to generate the specified non-market units.

Final report documents: