One of the tasks of the Affordable Housing Working Groups (AHWG) was to develop and implement a communications plan to ensure that Council and the community have a good understanding of the housing initiatives underway. Under the co-ordination of a communications consultant, a communications plan and strategy were approved by Council.


  1. Introduce and launch the waitlist process for ownership of the affordable housing units to be produced under the Affordable Housing Policy #08-03. (see Affordable Housing Launch)
  2. Create awareness about the steps that the Municipality and its AHWG have taken towards developing affordable housing on Bowen.


The components of the communication program included the following:

  • Establish a website dedicated to the new affordable housing initiatives
  • Develop a set of FAQs to explain specific aspects of the new initiatives
  • Write a set of articles for the Undercurrent on specific relevant topics
  • Distribute an island-wide brochure outlining the affordable housing program and waitlist
  • Organize two public open houses to launch the affordable home ownership program

Elements of the communication strategy are described further in this section of the website:

  •  Website