Needs Assessment

At the Action Planning meeting that followed the Affordable Housing Symposium in 2006, three members of the Bowen Community Housing Association (BCHA) committed to developing an action plan to carry out an affordable housing needs assessment on Bowen Island, and to raise the funds needed to retain a housing consultant.

The housing consultant, Margaret Eberle of Eberle Planning and Research, selected for the work proposed that  the needs assessment be combined with the development of a housing strategy in order to build on the momentum generated and identify actions that can be taken.

The small Needs Assessment Group, consisting of Kathryn Thomson, Richard Best and Elizabeth Ballantyne, approached potential donors and the community at large seeking financial support for the combined needs assessment and housing strategy. The outpouring of support was extraordinary. Within two months, the funds were in place, including a small grant from the Municipality.

A small committee of the BCHA was struck, and appeared with the housing consultant as a delegation to Council on February 12, 2007 to describe the needs assessment process. Council expressed appreciation for initiating the study. The BCHA committee invited Council to appoint a Council liaison to the BCHA Affordable Housing Strategy (AHS) Committee, to which Council later agreed.

The needs assessment work began in February and was completed in May 2007.

In addition to a detailed profile of the Bowen Island community through a housing affordability lens, the Affordable Housing Needs Assessment Report includes information on the methodology, and includes the list of committee members.

The report was presented to Bowen Island Municipal Council on May 14, 2007 and received for information. The presentation included a discussion of next steps to carry out the affordable housing strategy.

Following release of data from the 2006 Census in 2008, an update to the housing affordability information was provided by the consultant.


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