Waitlist Application

A waitlist of qualified applicant for affordable housing units for ownership under the program is the best indicator of housing needs, and ensures that there is a pool of buyers for the units that are produced.

Individuals and families interested in getting onto the waitlist are required to complete an application package that includes:

  • Residency and citizenship information
  • Real estate ownership information
  • Mortgage pre-approval form

Applicants are also required to meet a number of eligibility qualifications, to ensure that the program is operated for the benefit of those who live or work on Bowen Island. Applicants must:

  • be a resident or permanently employed on the island
  • not own property anywhere in the world for at least five years prior to applying
  • obtain pre-approval for a mortgage.

Materials with information about the waitlist and application process included:

  • Article published in the Bowen Island Undercurrent announcing the availability of applications.
  • FAQs about the application, waitlist and qualification

For the first three months after the launch of the program, a procedure was applied to place applicants in a queuing sequence. Points were assigned based on length of permanent residence on the island.

 Application Package

If you are considering making an application for the waitlist for the Affordable Housing Program, please visit the current website for the Affordable Housing Program.