Open houses

Two open houses were held in the fall of 2008 to launch the Affordable Housing Program and describe the housing initiatives underway. Advance promotion included ads articles in the Bowen Island Undercurrent, flyers delivered to all households, and information posted on the Bowen Island Municipality’s website.

Both events were well attended. Mayor Bob Turner opened the October 29 session, attended by a mix of about 40 new islanders and established residents.

The program included a presentation by the affordable housing consultant followed by question, and informal discussions. Application packages were available  for individuals and families who might be interested in getting on the waitlist for affordable housing units for ownership.

  • Public invited to Affordable Housing meeting and launch of waitlist: article
  • Open House October 29: presentation slides
  • Meeting offers solutions: article
  • Second open house tomorrow: article
  • Interview with housing consultant Tim Wake at the October 29 Open House: video
  • Brochure and maildrop with program information and open house dates

Open House Ads

Affordable Housing open house ads