Affordable Housing Policy

Affordable Housing Policy #08-03, which the Bowen Island Municipal Council passed unanimously in June 2008, is a tool for the municipality to be applied when negotiating development proposals and considering rezoning applications. It provides clear objectives and targets for the delivery of a mix of housing types and sizes, including both potential rental and ownership units.

The Policy stipulates that any new development or redevelopment project must reserve 15% of the gross floor area for affordable housing. Smaller rezoning applications will be considered case by case.

The goal stated in the policy is “to establish a level playing field so that all development contributes to affordable housing solutions on Bowen Island in a meaningful, beneficial and equitable way.”

The intended result is the construction of a mix of affordable rental and affordable housing from studio to three-bedroom suites, apartments and townhouses to semi-detached and single-detached homes.

The policy creates a framework for municipal staff and council to collaborate with development community to develop affordable housing. It is a policy or guide, rather than a bylaw. It will help create an environment in which developers will be challenged to create a more inclusive neighbourhood.

The adoption of the Affordable Housing Policy by Council was reported in the article Diversity give a thumbs up in the Bowen Island Undercurrent.

Bowen Island Affordable Housing Policy #08-03 Download