The Council-appointed Bowen Island Affordable Housing Working Group (AHWG) grew out of the foundation and momentum of community-based  affordable housing initiatives of previous years. These included the Affordable Housing Symposium in 2006, and the Affordable Housing Needs Assessment and Housing Strategy committees of the Bowen Community Housing Association that completed their tasks in 2007.

One of the recommendations in the Affordable Housing Strategy was the formation of a housing corporation to advance the addition of diverse and affordable housing choices on Bowen Island. With the recognition that the formation of a housing corporation was seen as big step, the AHWG was created in December 2007 by Council resolution to serve as an informal municipal housing organization to continue the work initiated by community group. The AHWG was to act as the bridge to the creation of a housing corporation and assist in its formation.

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For the historical background, see Grassroots section on this website.