Affordable Housing Foundations for Bowen Island

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The Bowen Island Affordable Housing Working Group (AHWG) was appointed by the municipal Council  in December 2007 to provide Council and staff with a few basic tools and capacity to proactively pursue the production of affordable housing on the island. Its final report was made to Council in February 2012.

The specific tasks included:

  • the development of an Affordable Housing Policy to secure non-market housing units at cost during rezonings,
  • to develop and launch a program of price-restricted, non-market affordable housing for purchase, and
  • to develop the organizational framework for a small municipal housing organization to continue the work of facilitating the creation of diverse and affordable housing to meet community needs.

The AHWG completed its work and made its final report to Council on February 27, 2012, which included a historical summary and recommendations for next steps.

This website provides a record of the work and archive of key documents and resources.

Recent affordable housing initiatives on Bowen Island arising from the work of the AHWG are outlined on associated websites: